High Performance Clutch Kits

If you are about to install a high performance clutch kit, there are several important things to note before you do…

Performance Clutch Kits

If you install the wrong clutch, you will not be able to obtain a refund once it has been installed. Please double check that you have the correct clutch for the torque and horsepower ratings of your vehicle. If you are unsure, please ask us before ordering.

Correct installation and alignment is the most important aspect of your new clutch, so make sure you know what you are doing, or have a professional undertake the installation for you.

Different vehicles will have different methods of installation for a replacement clutch and/or flywheel. If you are DIY’ing be sure to follow the specific instructions for your vehicle.

Wear gloves while handling the clutch parts as oil and grease can cause shudder, slip or non-release.

Both surfaces of the flywheel & pressure plate must be cleaned with brake cleaner, so that the new clutch plate has a sterile area to function.

Lubricant for the clutch spline to input shaft is usually supplied, if not a copper coat or molybdenum type of grease is sparingly used.

**NOTE- Don't forget to lubricate the throw race, nose cone & throw fork fulcrums.

A clean or sterile bell housing area were the clutch lives should be looked at too, as any contaminants will shorten the life on of the clutch.

Driving with a High Performance Clutch

The drivability of your vehicle WILL be altered by installing a performance or sports clutch.

Your vehicle may have

  • a different pedal feel
  • a different release point
  • a different take up point
  • shudder, or what is sometimes called ‘harsh engagement’
  • harmonic noises

In performance vehicles, a certain level of rattle and vibration are considered acceptable. They in no way affect the durability of the clutch, or the vehicle

If you are concerned about misalignment issues by not having the correct alignment tool, seek a professional before you create and damage the new clutch kit.

Once your clutch has been fitted , if maligned you loose your warranty, so it pays to have it checked over by an experienced clutch/transmission mechanic.

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