Difference between Organic Clutches and Ceramic Clutches

Do you keep seeing the descriptions; ‘organic clutch’ and ‘ceramic clutch’ and are not entirely sure what the difference is?

Let’s take a look at the differences in materials and wear, and determine why you would choose one over the other.

Organic Clutches

Organic Clutches tend to be used more for standard driving conditions as they provide long life and smooth engagement. Organic refers to the materials that the clutch disc is made from; that is metal fibre interwoven with organic materials.
Organic clutches are suited to a range of driving conditions, and perform well in city traffic.

Exedy organic clutches provide both good durability and smooth clutch engagement.

OEM Clutches

Stands for Original Equipment Manufacture.
It is very important that your replacement clutch kit at least meets OEM standards, or exceeds their specifications. See more..

Single Sports Series 1

These clutches come with a sports cover assembly with a sports organic clutch disc and release bearing.

They are best used where the demand has been increased, such as towing or carrying a significant amount of weight all the time. This is achieved by increasing the clamp load from the pressure plate onto the clutch plate & increasing the quality of the friction material on the clutch plate itself.

Ceramic Clutches – Exedy Racing and Sports Clutches

Ceramic clutches can absorb more heat than organic ones, thus making them better suited to high performance applications. You will find that the price of a ceramic clutch is reflected in fact that they specifically for high performance driving.

Ceramic clutches will wear much faster if you ride the clutch, and can experience some shudder or chatter on engagement.

Keeping in mind also, that a ceramic clutch is quite savage on both its meeting components, the flywheel & pressure plate.

Exedy Ceramic Clutches come in a range of racing and sports clutches:

Racing Clutches

Single Sports (Series 2)

With either a race ceramic or sports ceramic disc, with a sports cover assembly.

These race ceramic are very harsh on the drivetrain, so choose carefully & be warned. All your final drive is now under scrutiny.

Hyper metal

Available in single, twin and triple plate, the Hyper Metal Series is not widely available for most vehicles.

Hyper carbon

Designed for Formula 1, the hyper carbon is available in single, twin and triple configurations. Exedy has released its carbon clutch technology to the wider market for both street and track use.

Sports Clutches (Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty Clutches

For amateur motor sports or modified vehicles or those used for towing (where the demand is greater than standard). These kits contain a high clamp load clutch cover and a organic clutch disc with sprung dampers to smooth out disengagement & engagement.

Cushion Button Clutch

A spring loaded centre in a cushioned button clutch provides a reasonably smooth transition when releasing the clutch, but still giving increased engine torque.

The clutch kits contain a high performance clutch cover assembly and ceramic clutch disc & release bearing. Mostly a little bit unusual to drive than an organic, a Cushion Button Clutch doesn't give you quite as much flexibility as an organic.

Heavy Duty Button Clutch

Heavy Duty Button Clutches are designed to handle the hard road use of circuit, rally and drag racing. The kits contain a high clamp load clutch cover assembly and ceramic button solid clutch disc & release bearing.

The clutch plate itself has now become a solid disc, much the same as what you can see in the image of Dual Mass Clutch Kit.

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