Clutch Replacement Cost

The replacement of a clutch is one of the more expensive car repairs that you will encounter as a car owner.

The clutch replacement cost can vary depending on

  • Who is fitting the clutch
  • The type of car you have
  • The type of clutch you choose

Fitting the Clutch

If you are an experienced home mechanic or car enthusiast, you may be planning on fitting a new clutch on your own. Be aware that is is neither a simple nor straightforward repair.

The entire transmission needs to be removed in order to access the clutch, and careful alignment of the parts is required to ensure that they engage properly and do not wear unevenly.

It is recommended to have your clutch and/or flywheel replaced by an experienced mechanic, and preferably by one who specializes in transmissions and clutches.

There are many hours of work involved in removing and replacing the parts for a new clutch, so the labour time required by the mechanic will add significantly to the overall cost of the repair.

The Type of Car

Different cars have different clutch types, which will influence the expense involved in clutch replacement, as well as the usual differences in parts pricing between different makes and models of cars.

Front wheel drives generally cost more to repair because of their design, and in general European cars are more expensive than Japanese models.

A dual mass flywheel will add significantly to the replacement of a clutch, if you have a car with this type of flywheel. A dual mass flywheel (DMF) can be replaced with a single mass flywheel (SMF), which will reduce the cost of the clutch replacement.

Type of Clutch

Standard clutch replacement involves a clutch kit. A standard clutch kit will include a cover assembly (pressure plate), clutch disc and release bearing. More clutch kit essentials..

Some clutch kits also include the flywheel but this will largely depend on the kit that you select.

For those looking for a high performance clutch, the price is increased but so is the performance! There are a range of performance clutches available, the one you go with will depend largely on the main type of driving your vehicle is used for

  • Racing - Specifically designed for the motor sport and racing industry.
  • Performance - Got a high performance vehicle? Button or puck clutches will give you the extra response you're looking for.

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