Clutch Parts or a Clutch Kit?

Most often when you need to replace a clutch, it is recommended to buy a clutch kit, rather than purchasing and fitting separate clutch parts.

Installing a full clutch kit means that all parts will be of the same age and should wear evenly, provided the new clutch kit is fitted and aligned correctly.

If you only replace one part of the clutch kit, there is the risk that one of the older parts will fail, causing an unexpected clutch failure.

**More on identifying when your clutch and parts are due for replacement in our FAQ section..

What is in a Clutch Kit?

A standard clutch kit will include-

  • Pressure Plate or Cover Facing Assembly
  • Clutch Plate or Clutch Disc
  • Throw Race or Clutch Release Bearing

Checking the Flywheel

The one part not included in standard clutch kits is a flywheel, which needs to be assessed and if necessary, purchased separately.

Some later model vehicles have a dual mass flywheel which can take the price of an average clutch kit through the roof. Exedy Australia can provide the solution in most cases, by replacing your dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel.

With mild wear the existing flywheel can be resurfaced, but if it shows a higher level of wear including thermal cracks, it will require replacing.

If you need a replacement clutch or flywheel, please use our easy clutch finder to be able to order online.

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